Scitech Precision Ltd. are pleased to announce our ability to offer complex tape target geometries to the HPL community. Exclusively licenced from STFC, we are able to deliver a bespoke design tailored to your experimental requirements with adjustable target material, geometry and substrate thickness. The production of such targets combines a wide range of technologies including laser-machining, thin-film coating and chemical etching.

Extensive testing on high-power laser systems has allowed us to arrive at a design which limits the damage from laser interaction; preventing target fratricide, substrate breakage and increasing the target number per unit length of tape. This target solution has been successfully fielded as an x-ray source in the Gemini Laser on a 2,000 shot experimental campaign.

Along with this, we have developed a low cost, ultra-stable tape drive system (±2µm variation in focal position) compatible with setups using F2 optics which opens up the potential to high rep rate complex experiments.