Scitech Precision Ltd. manufactures MEMs targets, multi-layer thin foil targets, microdots arrays, cones and shells, foam targets, filters, hohlraums, micro-wire backlighters, pinhole arrays, phase plates and anti-reflection coatings. We have a laser micromachining facility for in-house target production and commercial laser processing.

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Scitech Precision Ltd. is a spin-out from the Science and Technology Facilities Council which combines expertise in micro-assembly and micro-engineering with extensive insight into the physics behind high power laser science. In addition, Scitech Precision provides a laser micromachining service using Excimer, 355nm and 1064nm lasers.

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Scitech Precision Ltd has a complex of clean rooms that are dedicated to the manufacture and characterisation of high aspect ratio microtargets, MEMS targets and components. They are uniquely suited to deliver your targetry needs with laser micromachining, characterisation suites, assembly and a target development laboratories.

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Scitech Precision present at TARG4 in Milan

June 8th, 2019|Comments Off on Scitech Precision present at TARG4 in Milan

Scitech precision will be attending 4th Targetry for High Repetition Rate Laser-Driven Sources Workshop from the 10th of June till the 12th of June held in Milan, Italy. There will be presentations on the 'Development [...]

Complex Tape Target Capability

May 7th, 2019|Comments Off on Complex Tape Target Capability

Scitech Precision Ltd. are pleased to announce our ability to offer complex tape target geometries to the HPL community. Exclusively licenced from STFC, we are able to deliver a bespoke design tailored to your experimental [...]

Scitech Precision attending Target Fabrication workshop 7

August 14th, 2018|Comments Off on Scitech Precision attending Target Fabrication workshop 7

The 7th target fabrication workshop will be held in Darmstadt, Germany from the 17th-20th of September 2018. Scitech will have a strong presence at the conference delivering oral presentations and posters on the recent developments in [...]

Scitech Precision delivering targets worldwide!

March 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on Scitech Precision delivering targets worldwide!

Scitech Precision has produced targets to enable high-power laser experiments across the world. This year, Scitech has delivered cone target assemblies for the US and China, ultra-thin film targets for Germany and Diamond Point Turned [...]


We are a strong team of engineers and scientists aiming to give our clients the highest quality components and products.

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