Scitech Precision is pleased to announce our recently completed acquisition of Colsicoat Limited. Colsicoat Ltd. has been a supplier of specialised, spin-coated optical thin films since 1987 and Scitech Precision will continue to provide these thin films in its dedicated spin-coating laboratory.

The development of such coatings arose from the need for improved laser damage threshold and the need for a low stress and room temperature process to enable coatings to be deposited on difficult materials such as crystals and large optics. The result is a spin coating process conducted entirely at room temperature and pressure which produces very low stress, high damage threshold coatings.

Two types of coating are offered – single layer antireflection coatings and phase plates.

Anti-reflection coatings can be produced for a wide range of wavelengths from the UV to the NIR (193-2000 nm).  These can be manufactured using a Teflon-based technology, which is vacuum compatible, or a colloidal silica variant which is suitable for atmospheric use. Lithographically produced phase plates are typically used to transform the laser focal spot which is often aberrated as a result of beam imperfections, into a larger spot having a distribution which depends on the phase plate design and is independent of the laser beam parameters.  The phase plates have a high damage threshold making them suitable for use with high power lasers.

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